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“ Star Wars 9 ” runs on March 27 from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and is the sad low point of a failed trilogy that my favorite film franchise simply didn’t deserve . While «The Last Jedi» inspired me in places with its breathtaking visual values ​​and exciting meta-message, «The Force Awakens» and «The Rise of Skywalker» are only uninspired copies of its role models, behind which there seems to be no artistic vision, but pure and simple, the capitalist fleece of a popular brand. However, all three parts have one thing in common: They feel like alien objects that are incompatible with my view of the «Star Wars» universe.

I would like to present a glimmer of hope to all those who feel the same way. A theory that could restore the balance of power by placing the sequel trilogy and The Mandalorian series universe in alternate timelines. That sounds desperate and maybe it is because Disney will probably never go down this path, but the theory fills me with great joy and that’s why I want to share it with you here.

Beware of spoilers for the series «Rebels», «The Mandalorian» and «The Book of Boba Fett»!

The «Star Wars» timeline splits

The theory is based on an event from the Star Wars: Rebels animated series . The season 2 finale sees Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano duel in a collapsing Sith temple. Young Jedi Ezra Bridger escapes, and for a long time it’s unclear whether Ahsoka survived the fight. It’s only in Season 4 that he gets his chance to redeem himself when he enters the world between worlds , a mysterious place of power beyond space and time that houses portals to various events in galactic history.

Through one of these mystical gates, Ezra sees the fight between Ahsoka and Vader and intervenes. Before the Sith Temple collapses, he pulls Ahsoka out of the portal and saves her life. So Ezra travels through time in «Rebels» and the theory is that this creates two alternative timelines: In the sequel timeline, Ahsoka dies in a duel with Vader, in the «Mandalorian» timeline she is saved by Ezra.

Disney and its affiliates The World Between Worlds in Star Wars: Rebels
Where are Ahsoka and Grogu in Star Wars 9?

At the end of «Star Wars 9» Rey receives spiritual support from several deceased Jedi in the fight against the Emperor. Ahsoka’s voice is also heard, which strongly suggests that by the time of Episode 9, she was already dead , although we never saw her death. It may be that this will be made up for in a future Star Wars story. But it is also possible that the sequels are in a timeline in which Ahsoka died in the «Rebels» duel with Vader.

What is also strange in episodes 7 to 9: There is no trace of Grogu aka Baby Yoda. In the real world, the explanation is simple: Grogu was only created after the sequel trilogy for The Mandalorian series. But in the world of «Star Wars» Grogu already existed during the events of the sequels and since he had great potential for power, he would certainly have been targeted by Palpatine during the course of the films. Or maybe he was long before that…

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Because in » The Mandalorian » the followers of the fallen empire want to get Grogu’s blood in order to use its power for cloning experiments. Palpatine’s proxy body, Snoke, was also artificially created. According to the theory, Grogu is the key to Snoke’s creation.

In Mandalorian, he is rescued before the followers of the dark side of the force can complete their plan. So, in the Mando timeline, Snoke’s creation could have been thwarted by the rescue of Grogu — and with it the events of the Sequel trilogy . However, the long-eared youngster only gets to safety because Ahsoka is still alive.

Without Ahsoka, The Mandalorian would have been very different

In the finale of The Mandalorian Season 2, the titular Mandalorian Din Djarin and Grogu find themselves surrounded by the unstoppable Dark Troopers dispatched by neo-imperialist Moff Gideon. Certain death awaits them, but then they are saved by Luke Skywalker. In » The Book of Boba Fett » we then see the little green rascal training with the Jedi master.

But Luke only appears because Grogu previously meditated on the planet Tython and was thus able to send a signal of power across the galaxy that subsequently reached the Jedi — and it was Ahsoka who sent Mando and Grogu to Tython in the first place.

Disney / Kurt Krieger Grogu sends a power signal, which Luke receives.

Without Ahsoka, Luke wouldn’t have rushed to the rescue at the end of The Mandalorian Season 2. The Empire could have gotten their hands on Grogu and successfully ended his experiments in creating a Force-sensitive artificial being (cue: Snoke).

That’s why the theory is so great

Admittedly, there is no compelling evidence for the theory. While some fans claim it’s confirmed by Ben Solo referring to himself as Luke Skywalker’s first student in Issue 3 of the official The Rise Of Kylo Ren comics — echoing the events of the Mandoverse, in which Luke had been for years previously trained Grogu would disagree—but I’m not entirely convinced by Ben’s quote. It could also be interpreted to mean that he was simply the first of a certain group of Luke’s students.

What still excites me about the theory is the fact that it works. The fact that time travel creates alternative timelines is usually not a particularly elegant trick. In this particular case, however, it would be the only conceivable possibility to undo the sequel disaster without completely erasing it from the world. So both fan camps could have fun with «Star Wars» again.

If you like the Disney trilogy, you won’t lose it through theory. Fans like me, who lost interest in the franchise due to the newer «Star Wars» episodes, are given their own alternative and better timeline and can simply ignore the others.

After «Star Wars 7-9», a new trilogy is set to revolutionize the Jedi: we classify the rumor

I don’t think Disney and Lucasfilm officials will ever take such drastic action. In doing so, they would indirectly admit their mistakes. In fact, I believe that splitting the Star Wars universe into different timelines would be the most satisfying solution for fans.

So as long as there isn’t any new «Star Wars» content that refutes this theory, I’m happy to sit in this pipe dream. Because the view from there gives me what I haven’t had in «Star Wars» for a long time: a new hope.

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