Brutalo-Batman ist ab 12 Die überraschend niedrige Altersfreigabe des neuen DC-Films erklärt

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The Batman character is one of the best-known and most popular superheroes and even fascinates small children: Batman toys tailored for children are sold, and there are children’s books about the adventures of the bat hero. But the new movie “ The Batman ” with Robert Pattinson looks more like the serial killer thriller “ Seven ”. While the worst moments of violence happen off-screen, they are hinted at in a way that can be disturbing — and the entire film is drenched in an atmosphere of hopelessness, brutality, and torrential rain.

The voluntary self-regulation of the film industry (FSK) has released «The Batman» for ages 12 and over. Even children from the age of six are allowed to see the film, provided they are accompanied by a parent or a person with custody.

In the official justification of the FSK , it becomes clear which factors in «The Batman» lead to the comparatively low rating. An FSK classification is not just about the atmosphere and the violence depicted, but also about whether the events are morally classified.

That’s why «The Batman» is approved for ages 12 and up

For the sake of clarity, we now quote the release statement for «The Batman» verbatim (the bold is ours):

The comic book adaptation tells the story of the superhero Batman and his attempt to stem corruption in his hometown of Gotham City, while his opponent, the psychopathic Riddler, also acts against them, but with brutal violence. The complex story of justice, retribution and the question of whether the end justifies the means is told in opulent, somber images. The figures are presented in detail and differentiated.

Numerous threatening situations, intense action scenes and individual depictions of violence can overwhelm children under the age of 12. But even 12-year-olds are able to place these aspects in the clearly fictional context. The ubiquitous stylization of the staging makes it easier for them to distance themselves. The clear moral classification of events through the film also provides orientation. There is no risk of impairment for children and young people from the age of 12. «

The role of the FSK explained

However, the FSK explicitly does not make any “educational or aesthetic recommendations for a certain age group”, as it writes on its website. According to the Youth Protection Act, the FSK releases are intended to prevent children from being adversely affected in the long term.

With the classifications, parents get a guide to protect their children from being impaired in their development into responsible and socially competent personalities. The FSK seals are not more than orientation.

The age ratings of the FSK explained

In our opinion, it is best for parents to deal with the media content they show their children themselves and decide individually whether a film is suitable or not. The «Batman» experts from FILMSTARTS, Julius and Tobias, would in any case only take their kids to the new DC film when they are 16.

«The Batman» in the podcast: barren or masterpiece?



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