Big «Grey’s Anatomy» comeback on Disney + Popular character returns after 10 years — this is how she continues — series news

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Season 18 of » Grey’s Anatomy » finally started a few weeks ago in Germany and in episode 3, which has been on Disney+ and Joyn since April 4th (the TV broadcast on ProSieben will follow on April 11th), it will come to an end Return of a longtime star of the series. Kate Walsh is making a comeback as Addison Montgomery in Episode 3 and will also be in the upcoming Episode 4.

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Another performance will follow

But that’s not all: Addison Montgomery makes another appearance in episode 18, which will be broadcast in the USA on May 5th. Kate Walsh announced this personally via Instagram , among other things .

The actress shows a sense of humor when making the announcement: the soundtrack in the announcement video is from an episode of the cult animated series » SpongeBob SquarePants «.

Who is Addison Montgomery?

Kate Walsh made her Grey’s Anatomy debut as Addison Forbes Montgomery in the season one finale and continued as a main cast member for the two following seasons. As the director of OB/GYN at Seattle Grace Hospital, she had a demanding job that she left at the end of Season 3 to start a new life at a private clinic in Los Angeles.

Viewers were then able to follow her career on the spin-off Private Practice , where Walsh continued to play the role for another six years. During this time, she also had occasional guest appearances on the parent series. In the finale of «Private Practice» in January 2013, Walsh said goodbye to the role. However, it has been over ten years since her last appearance in the main series for a long time. This happened in February 2012.

ABC Studios Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery in Grey’s Anatomy

So in episode 3 there was a big comeback. More appearances will follow in Episode 4 and 18 and who knows? Maybe Kate Walsh will find her way back into her old role and make us a Grey’s Anatomy regular in the future.

Episode 4 starts April 18th on Disney+ and Joyn. The TV broadcast will follow on April 25 on ProSieben. German fans still have to be patient for Addison’s subsequent appearance in Episode 18. Since the new episodes usually take about half a year after the US broadcast until they are also shown in Germany, we do not expect them until the end of 2022.

Because of Disney+? «Grey’s Anatomy» goes down on ProSieben

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