Better than season 1? The first reviews of «Bridgerton» Season 2 promise a hot Netflix sequel! — Series News

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With 625 million watched hours in the first 28 days, » Bridgerton » holds a record. No other English -language Netflix series has gotten off to a better start, according to the streaming service. Overall, only the mega sensation “ Squid Game ” was more successful in the first four weeks. Unlike the Korean hit, the romantic adaptation of the novel will be replenished very soon. Season 2 of Bridgerton premieres on Netflix next Friday, March 25th. The first reviews have already trickled in.

What the critics are saying about Bridgerton Season 2

According to Rotten Tomatoes , 89 percent of the reviews are positive. A very good value, which is even a bit better than that of Season 1 (87 percent) , but only 18 reviews have been evaluated so far. The result could therefore change a few points up or down in the next few days.

Huge reviews: Some of the most euphoric voices include Newsday ‘s Verne Gay , who called the new episodes «still beautiful, still fun, and still excellent» and Ask ‘s Patricia Puentes , who, in part because of the often shirtless male lead Antony ( Jonathan Bailey ) gives the rating «hot and sexy». Entertainment Weekly’s Kristen Baldwin even went so far as to laud the second season as «clever, more moving, and emotionally complex than the first [season] . «

Cautiously positive reviews: Even if most of the reviews are positive, there are clear points of criticism in almost every one of them. As Variety ‘s Caroline Framke writes, » As frustrating as the main love story is, the actors play it very well.» The Hollywood Reporter ‘s Angie Han , on the other hand, says «Bridgerton» season 2 hits the nail on the head on the central romance meet, but stumble in other areas.

Negative Reviews: The Wrap ‘s Karama Horne complained that season two lacked the «fresh appeal» and «engaging pace» of season one. Therese Lacson from Nerdophiles also has a lot to criticize. While season 2 isn’t a failure, it doesn’t focus enough on its two main characters and suffers from too many unnecessary storylines.

Bridgerton - Season 2 Trailer (2) DF
Bridgerton — Season 2 Trailer (2) DF



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