Bald im Kino Der neue Wahnsinns-Trip mit Nicolas Cage hat den besten Kritikenschnitt seiner gesamten Karriere!

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What is the best movie starring Nicolas Cage? Action fans will probably think of “ The Rock ” or “ Face/Off ” first. Or his Oscar-winning role in the alcoholic drama “ Leaving Las Vegas ”? And then of course there’s Wild At Heart , 8MM , Bringing Out The Dead , Adaptation. ‘, ‘ Joe ‘ and finally the highly acclaimed ‘ Pig ‘, for which many – quite rightly! – called for another Oscar nomination for Nicolas Cage…

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But since his new film premiered last weekend, Nicolas Cage ‘s long career has obviously gained another highlight: the meta-comedy “Massive Talent”, in which Nicolas Cage embodies a version of himself, is one of the very few Films that have 100 percent positive ratings on the review collection site Rotten Tomatoes – which also makes the film the current best-rated Nic Cage work there. In places 2 to 5 for the cult star, “ Red Rock West ” (97 percent), “ Pig ” (96 percent), “ Moonstruck ” (94 percent) and “ Face/Off ” (92 percent) follow.

In Germany, “ Massive Talent ” by director Tom Gormican will only be released in cinemas on April 21, 2022:

Massive Talent Trailers (2) DF
Massive Talent Trailers (2) DF



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