As with the superhero cucumber «Catwoman» Sharon Stone becomes the villain again in the new DC film «Blue Beetle»

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Is this a nasty joke or a chance for redemption? Sharon Stone («Basic Instinct», «Casino») already played the villain role in the DC flop » Catwoman «, and now she will also have such a role in the upcoming DC adventure » Blue Beetle «. And not only that: In both cases it is a question of a character conceived especially for the film.

In «Catwoman,» Stone played Laurel Hedare, the wife of a cosmetics manufacturer whose skin has been hardened as marble by a product developed by her husband’s company. In Blue Beetle, Stone will play a character named Victoria Kord. This was first reported by the US industry magazine The Wrap .

Mystery of Victoria Kord

There is no Victoria Kord in the DC comics, but Stone’s character’s last name is interesting: Theodore «Ted» Kord is the real name of the second Blue Beetle in the comics (Blue Beetle is one of the superhero names used by several characters was carried). However, the main character in the Blue Beetle movie is the character’s third incarnation, Jaime Reyes (played by Xolo Maridueña ).

So it’s possible that Victoria Kord is the wife or another relative of Ted Kord (who could then also appear), or a female version of the character. However, Ted Kord is actually a hero, not a villain (and single in the comics, too), so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of Stone’s character’s name.

Carapace as the second villain

A second villain has also been found for Blue Beetle: Mayans MC star Raoul Max Trujillo will play Carapax The Indestructible Man . In the DC Comics, he is an archaeologist and rival of the first, original Blue Beetle (whose real name is Daniel Garrett).

After his death, Conrad Carapax searches for the secret of Garrett’s powers and comes across an indestructible robot. Carapax dies trying to activate the machine, but his mind lives on in the robot’s housing and from then on he makes life difficult for Blue Beetle.

It’s quite possible that Victoria Kord and Carapax will work together in «Blue Beetle». We will find out more in about a year and a half at the latest: “Blue Beetle” will be in German cinemas on August 17, 2023.

Waiting longer for the next DC films: «Aquaman 2», «The Flash» & Co. postponed – but there is also good news!



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